Inaya Medical College is considered one of the pioneers private health care colleges that grants a bachelor degree in the science of health care specialties. The colleges apply all rules and regulations that relate to private colleges as well as Executive rules, technical and administrative procedures that were stated by The ministry of higher education in the Kingdom. All Scientific studies regarding manpower in the health care fields and according to the minutes of manpower council, it has been made clear that there is a despirate need in the Saudi labour market to rehabilitate a health care staff of various health care specialties and various qualifications. As Governmental health care colleges were crowded by applicants to join these health care specialities, many were compelled to travel outside the Kingdom in order to study these specialties, and some are even deprived from studying such specialties. Therefore, Inaya Medical college Will pay, by God will, all the efforts to accept most of these applicants and to establish mutual friends with other medical colleges and to train the students in governmental and other private hospitals to graduate a highly qualified staff in all health care specialties, exchange expertise, share in steering the scientific research inside and outside the Kingdom, and to participate in educating health care programs in the society. In addition to that, the colleges will hold Strategic partnerships with the best American universities to exchange scientific and educational expertise and to train its students in these universities. Academic plans have been prepared in the colleges to fulfill all the requisites of the health care education and to get benefit of the most recent developments of the health care curriculum that is implemented in most of health care colleges in developed countries through recent multi technical means, such as e learning.


President and CEO, Inaya Medical College

By the grace of God upon our Kingdom, tremendous developments in education have occurred. In particular, general and higher education have been affected due to the acceleration in modern technology. These developments will help to shape a bright future for the sons and daughters of this great nation. An idea was then blessed by two holy masques promoting a renaissance of scientific medical care. Along with a declaration by the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz; our medical teaching facility was created. Created with the vision of upgrading the healthcare services in the Kingdom by providing quality programs in many specialty disciplines of the medical field. By creating a positive and nourishing environment of learning, students are motivated to upgrade their skills and become true professionals in their chosen medical fields. Preparing them for the requirements needed to practice their skills proudly throughout the Kingdom and the world. Preparing students to be the leaders of our future, the force moving our great Kingdom to the forefront of the medical community around the world is our focus. Creating students that have marketable skills above the average student will give our students an edge what can be a very competitive employment market. The education you will receive at Inaya Medical College will build a foundation of skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Your qualifications as an expert in your field will benefit you and the Kingdom for a lifetime.


Dean, Inaya Medical College

Peace and blessing of God be upon you.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Inaya Medical College, Riyadh. The college is characterized by a distinguished scientific environment, highly qualified teaching staff members, curriculum plans and state of the art well equipped skill laboratories. The curriculum plans were designed to be updatable and based on the best health professional teaching methods to graduate qualified specialist and researchers capable of contributing effectively to all fields of sciences and to the development of the kingdom.
The college has exerted remarkable efforts to provide students with integrated skills and knowledge. We are pleased to provide our students with important information relevant to admission procedures, course regulations, services, extracurricular activities, in addition to practical training. May almighty God make those academic plans fruitful and contribute to prepare a rightful generation capable of serving humanity and Saudi society in particular.
I wish you all the best in your learning process and a success that serve best interest of the citizens and the Saudi nation in general..


IMC aspires to be a leader in applied medical sciences, health care education and research.


IMC is committed to develop highly qualified and competent graduates able to provide leadership and excellence in services to meet the health needs of the nation and the global community through a wide range of programs, nationally competitive faculty, state-of-the art infrastructure, research applications, and a diverse environment with enriched engagements.


The College's philosophy is based on the core values of higher education. The most important values are to provide quality education supported by the fundamentals of academic excellence. It is the main objective of the College through the efforts of its entire staff, to create an environment for the students of general education which promotes tolerance and seeks knowledge throughout life and dedication to freedom of expression. The graduates of Inaya College who will work in the beloved Kingdom will contribute to the advancement of scientific and practical methods as well as contributing to the overall advancement of knowledge for the common good through the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques’ scholarship for our students. Also make more effort to cultivate and promote respect for people as human beings without distinction of gender, hold or doctrine. The College provides opportunities to get higher education and support services to achieve individual goals for each student. The College recognizes its role as an integral part of society, participating in offering highly qualified health education to boost the healthcare in the society. Finally, to be an active and productive member in an increasingly global environment.


A Library is an important cornerstone in the development of the educational process of every student attending college. Reference material relating to the sciences is provided to all students to enjoy and benefit from. Students can gather the information they need for their scientific research.



The human resources policy aims to show the ploicy and procedures of Inaya Medical College, the employee rights and the environment of work. The ploicy has to be strictly followed.

Complete Human Resource Policy