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The directorate is the gate way to the college education. After the students are accepted by the admissions unit, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Ministry of Education, their educational progress is securely maintained and continuously updated by the Registration (Med gate) till graduation.
The Directorate renders easy, accurate and fast services to the students during the process of admission and all the registration activities. In order to facilitate the educational career of the students, the directorate provides academic advisory to students in coordination with the academic advisors.
The Directorate also provides the required data to the Academic hierarchy as well as the concerned administrative bodies of the college. The data of all the students are periodically uploaded electronically to the ministry of education.

Objectives of the Directorate:

  • Accepting eligible students irrespective of nationality, gender and culture.
  • Providing quick and accurate customer oriented services to the students and the teaching staff.
  • plementing the academic instructions and decisions of the college council.
  • Executing all the academic activities (registering courses, withdrawal, denial, postpone, etc. during the semester in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college and ministry of education.
  • aintaining secured electronic data records of all the students which are continuously upgraded.
  • Continuous development of the capabilities of the Directorate employees.
  • Implementing the development plans of the quality assurance.
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The college offers the Bachelor degree in the following programs:

No Program Job Title No. of Credit Hours
1 Clinical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Laboratory Specialist 134
2 Biomedical Technology Medical equipment Specialist 136
3 Nuclear Medicine Technology Nuclear Therapy Specialist 130
4 Radiological Sciences Radiology Specialist 136
5 Respiratory Therapy Respiratory Therapy Specialist 134
6 Dental Health Care Oral and Dental Care Specialist 139
7 Emergency Medical Services and Critical Care Emergency Medical Care Specialist 137
8 Nursing Nursing Specialist 134
9 Health Informatics Health Informatics Specialist 131
10 Health Administration Health Administration Specialist 133


An applicant for admission to the College must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The applicant should have the general secondary school certificate (Science Stream), or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The applicant has obtained the secondary school certificate in a period of less than 5 years prior to the date of application.
  • The applicant has a record of good conduct.
  • The applicant must successfully pass any examination or personal interviews as determined by the College Council.
  • The applicant must obtain the approval of his employer, if he is an employee of any government or private agency.
  • The applicant must satisfy any other conditions the College Council may deem necessary at the time of application.
  • The applicant must not be dismissed from any other College for academic or disciplinary reasons.


  • The applicant who wishes to join the college can apply through (Med gate).(//
  • The applicant should read the specific admission regulations announced on (Med gate) and provide all necessary documents to complete the admission processes.
  • The applicant should fill the electronic acceptance form and submit it in order to get the application number from the system.
  • The applicant should provide all the required documents and certificates to the Admission’s Office for auditing information and recommendation for admission.
  • After auditing and reviewing the required documents and meeting all the requirements, according to the applicant admission number, the applicant must pay the tuition fees to the financial administration office.
  • The Admission and Registration Office personnel will issue the academic number.
  • The applicant receives printed admission letter indicating academic number and specialization.


The applicants fulfilling the following requirements are eligible for admission:


Applicants having General Secondary School Certificate (Science Stream) or its Equivalent.

  • Requirements: The applicant should meet the following requirements:
    • GPA 80 % and above.
    • Achievement Test with grade (60) and above.
    • Aptitude Test with grade (65) and above.
    • The General Secondary Transcript should not exceed (5) five years.
    • Approval of the employer (for employee applicants).
  • Documents: The applicant should submit the following documents:
    • Original General High Secondary Transcript.
    • The Achievement Test Document.
    • The Aptitude Test Document.
    • Photocopy of the National ID/ or photocopy of iqama for foreigners.
    • Photocopy of the passport.


Applicants having Associate Degree (Bridging Students):

  • Requirements: The applicant (Bridging Student) should meet the following requirements :
    • Associate Degree (Post General High Secondary Certificate) in the respective health care program.
    • GPA “GOOD” and above.
    • General High Secondary Certificate (Science Stream).
    • Professional Accreditation Certificate.
    • Approval of the employer (for employee applicants).
    • Should pass any interview or extra conditions proposed by the respective Academic Department
    • Passing the English Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS,……etc) with the minimum grade as per the instructions of the ministry of education as follows:

    S. No. English Language Proficiency Test Minimum Grade
    1 Paper (PBT) ) ) TOEFL 425
    2 Computer TOEFL (CBT) 113
    3 TOEFL (IBT) Internet Test 30
    4 IELTS 3.5
    5 STEP From National Center for Assessment in High Education 67

  • Documents: The applicant should submit the following documents:
    • The Associate Degree Certificate.
    • The Associate Degree Transcript.
    • Authenticated copy of the General Secondary School Transcript.
    • Photocopy of the Professional Accreditation Certificate.
    • Photocopy of the National ID
    • Photocopy of Iqama for Foreigners..
    • English Proficiency Certificate.
    • Letter of Approval of the Employer (For employee students).
    • Photocopy of the passport.
  • CreditTransfer: The credit transfer for Bridging Students and for students transferred from recognized college is subject to the following conditions:
    • e grade of the course to be transferred is C+ and above.
    • The number of credits of the course to be transferred should at least be equal to the number of credits of the course taught in the college.
    • The course content should match with 80% and above.
    • The transferred course will not be computed in the GPA.
    • Maximum number of transferred credit hours should not exceed 40% of the curriculum credit hours.
Starting Registration of the Courses. Sun,12/05/2019 07/09/1440 Starting Lectures Sun,09/06/2019 06/10/1440 Frist Assessment Test
*Starting on
Tue,25/06/2019 22/10/1440 *Ending on Thu,27/06/2019 24/10/1440
Second Assessment Test
*Starting on
Sun,14/07/2019 11/11/1440 *Ending on Tue,16/07/2019 13/11/1440
Late Withdrawal of:
*Ending on
Thu,18/07/2019 15/11/1440
Denial from Final Exams Sun,21/07/2019 18/11/1440 Practical's Final Exams
*Starting on
Tue,23/07/2019 20/11/1440 *Ending on Thu,25/07/2019 22/11/1440
Final Exams
*Starting on
Mon,29/07/2019 26/11/1440 *Ending on Thu,01/08/2019 29/11/1440
Joining of Teaching Staff on Sun,18/08/2019 17/12/1440 Beginning of Academic Year 2019/2020 Sun,01/09/2019 02/01/1441
First Semester for 2019-2020
Registration of the Courses Sun,18/08/2019 17/12/1440 Beginning of the Semester. Addition & Drop of Courses
*Beginning on
Sun,01/09/2019 02/01/1441 *Ending on Thu,05/09/2019 06/01/1441
Withdrawal of:
Starting on
Sun,08/09/2019 09/01/1441 Ending on Thu,28/11/2019 01/04/1441
National Day (Holiday) Mon,23/09/2019 24/01/1441
First Assessment
*Starting on
Sun,06/10/2019 07/02/1441 *Ending On Thu,17/10/2019 18/02/1441
Second Assessment
*Starting on
Sun,10/11/2019 13/03/1441 *Ending on Thu,21/11/2019 24/03/1441
Denial from Final Exams. Mon,02/12/2019 05/04/1441 Practical Final Exams.
*Starting on
Sun,08/12/2019 11/04/1441 *Ending on Thu,12/12/2019 15/04/1441
Final Exams
*Starting on
Sun,15/12/2019 18/04/1441 *Ending on Thu, 02/01/2020 07/05/1441
Beginning of Academic Year 2019/2020 Fri,03/01/2020 08/05/1441
Registration of the Courses Sun,12/01/2020 17/05/1441 Beginning of the Semester. Addition & Drop of Courses
*Beginning on
Sun,19/01/2020 24/05/1441 *Ending on Thu,23/01/2020 28/05/1441
Withdrawal of:
Starting on
Sun,26/01/2020 01/06/1441 Ending on Thu,16/04/2020 23/08/1441
First Assessment
*Starting on
Sun,16/02/2020 22/06/1441 Ending on Thu,27/02/2020 03/07/1441
Second Assessment
*Starting on
Sun,22/03/2020 27/07/1441 *Ending On Thu,02/04/2020 09/08/1441
Denial from Final Exams. Mon,20/04/2020 27/08/1441 Practical's Final Exams.
*Starting on
Sun,26/04/2020 03/09/1441 *Ending on Thu,30/04/2020 07/09/1441
Final Exams.
*Starting on
Sun,03/05/2020 10/09/1441 *Ending on Thu,11/06/2020 19/10/1441
EID Al Fitr Vacation.
*Starting on
Fri,08/05/2020 15/09/1441 *Ending on Sat,30/05/2020 07/10/1441
Resuming Final Exams.
*Starting on
Sun,31/05/2020 08/10/1441 *Ending On Thu,11/06/2020 19/10/1441
Arrangement of Faculty Annual vacation. Sun,14/06/2020 22/10/1441 Beginning of the Academic year 2020/2021. Sun,30/08/2020 11/01/1442


Each student is assigned to an academic advisor who is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance to students for planning schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate education solutions for different categories of students. He must also provide students with information about alternatives, limitations and possible consequences of academic decisions (e.g. adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses; change of program, etc.). The student advisor is known through the student’s Academic Information med gate


Dear Student,
The college has established a healthy academic environment within the staff community and with the students in order to facilitate the learning process.
The student should comply with the following code of conduct:

  • Should not violate the public social behavior and good conduct.
  • Should not forge or misuse any official college certificate or the web site of the college.
  • Cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic dishonesty. The term “cheating” includes copying homework assignments from another student; looking at text notes of another person’s paper during an examination, giving work information to another student to be copied and/or used as his/her own, giving or selling a term paper, report, project or other restricted written materials to another student..
  • Punctuality. Student should be punctual in attending classes, therefore any delay exceeding 10 minutes the student is marked absent.
  • Active interaction of the student within the lecture.
  • Submission of home works according to assigned dates otherwise will be subject to loss of marks.
  • Comply with the official time schedules of all the exams conducted per the academic semester.
  • Power off the mobile and not allowed to use it during any class activity, any miss use will subject the student to discipline procedures.
  • Comply with safety measures and instructions within the class room and the laboratories and use equipments safely and appropriately.
  • Should keep personal property in the lockers and the college is not responsible for any loss.
  • Personal laptops are allowed only for academic activities otherwise will be confiscated.
  • Miss use of college property, facilities, writing on the walls, class seats, and any college property is prohibited.
  • Maintain clean campus.
  • Practice college values, positive gentle interaction with colleagues, administration and teaching staff. Therefore any misbehavior will subject the student to disciplinary actions.
  • Should follow up the announcements on the notice boards of the college, the college site, and the student official college email.
  • Students should concentrate on learning, therefore any violations that cause disturbances within the college or among the students community will not be tolerated and those involved will be denied entrance to the college campus.

Any violations of rules and regulations implemented in the college will subject the student to the following disciplinary actions:

  • Written official warn and pledge of the student not to repeat violations again.
  • Impose social services and attending training workshops inside or outside the college campus for at the most one month.
  • Denial for one semester or two semester of participating in one or more of the students activities
  • Canceling the registration of the student in one course or more.
  • Failing a course or more (or all the courses) registered in the semester during which the students committed violation.
  • Denial of any privileges and usage of some of the facilities of the college.
  • Preventing the student of registration for one or two semesters, the student should not join any other college (visitor student), however no courses will be transferred.
  • No graduation certificates and documents will be issued to the student if obtained by plagiarism and cheating.
  • Dismiss out of the college.
  • The College has the right to dismiss any student without any explanations, and has the right to release information to higher official bodies if the student complains officially against the colleg
  • The College would like you to know that the ministry of education and the top officials trust the college to observe rules and regulations to maintain a healthy learning environment. The college is keen to enhance and facilitate the learning process by providing adequate knowledge and advanced skills to the students in order to serve the society in compliance with the directivities of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Dear Student, keep in mind that you are doing a noble human service so have patience, be compassionate and maintain professional ethics.
May the mighty God bless you?
I have read the code of conduct and I pledge to comply. .................................................... National ID No.:
Signature : ..........................................Date:....................



Dear Student:
The Financial Management is proud of facilitating the development of financial accounting system for the students to be aware of and abide with; the lack of knowledge of financial system does not mean exemption from its implementation. The financial system is applicable to all the students without any exemption:

  • A non-refundable SR 3,500.00 (Three thousand five hundred riyals) is paid as an acceptance fee in one installment.
  • A non-refundable SR 500.00 (Five hundred riyals) is paid as a credit transfer (evaluation) fee.
  • The amount of SR 27500 (Twenty-seven thousand five hundred riyals) is the college academic fee for one semester and SR 55,000 (Fifty-five thousand riyals is the annual college academic fee (covers two semesters only).
  • The amount of SR 2000 (Two thousand riyals) is paid as a re-grading fee .
  • The amount of SR 2000 (Two thousand riyals) is paid as a graduation fee (paid after completing all required courses, as well as internship period before receiving the graduation certificate.)
  • The academic tuition fee is paid for each program prior to the beginning of the semester until he/she finishes the registration procedures for the specified semester.
  • In case of a dropout or withdrawal from the first or second semester of the registered program the following rules will be applicable:
    • 80% of the tuition fee will be refunded if he/she withdraws before the beginning of the academic semester.
    • 75% of the tuition fee will be refunded if he/she withdraws during the first week of the beginning of the academic semester.
    • 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded if he/she withdraws during the second week of the beginning of the academic semester.
    • The tuition fee is non-refundable if he/she withdraws after the third week when classes have already begun.
  • Summer Semester fee (if applicable):
    • SR 13,750 (Thirteen thousand seven hundred and fifty riyals) is the Summer Semester fee.
    • The number of credits allowed for registration in the Summer Semester is 6 to 9 units per semester.
    • When the student registers less than six credit hours in the Summer Semester, the fee of each credit hour is an amount of SR 2250 (two thousands two hundred and fifty riyals).
    • Summer semester fee is non-refundable after the beginning of the school for the summer semester.

I (name) ..................................... identity number............................... A student of Inaya Medical College, hereby acknowledge that I have read the statement of the tuition fees and student financial charter, have received a copy of this statement and that, I pledge to abide by it. If I violate the charter, I may be dismissed from the college. Signature:..................................................



All you need to do is to fill this Application online form then submit it and a copy of your identification documents, copy of your high school diploma, phone number to the following

  • Bank Name:Arab National Bank
  • Beneficiary Name:Care And Science Medical Company
  • Account Number:0108056606720027
  • IBAN: SA2630400108056606720027
  • Bank Name: Alinma Bank
  • Beneficiary Name:Care And Science Medical Company
  • Account Number:68200372075000
  • IBAN: SA2630400108056606720027
  • Bank Name: Riyad Bank
  • Account Number:Care And Science Medical Company
  • Account Number:2091642819950
  • IBAN: SA1520000002091642819950