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Abir Ghazi al-Harbi
Head of The Department of Health Informatics

Health managment

Dear students,
Welcome to the Program of Health Administration at Inaya Medical College.
In the last few years, there has been an increasing demand in preparing health administration professionals to be a driving force in the transformation of healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia.
The Health Administration Program at INAYA Colleges aims at preparing health administration professionals to help in improving healthcare services, quality, security and effectiveness.
During the program, students will have field visits to investigate a real problem in healthcare environment in order to analyses the problem and develop a simple health administration solution. ..
At the end of the program, students have to undergo an internship program in which they have practical experience as health administrations in a number of approved healthcare organizations.
Once again welcome, and we in the Health Administration department hope that our students enjoy a positive and productive time here in the college.