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In the name of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah Mohammad and his family and companions:
Welcome to the Department of Nuclear Medicine Technology at INAYA Medical Colleges
We are an active, vibrant, energetic Department focused on a vision of academic and practical excellence. The Department contains a number of distinguished faculty members and researchers with a variety of experiences, that the college administration was precise and keen on the selection to be the best ambassadors for the transfer of knowledge to our male and female students, towards knowledge-based economy cope with the strategic goals of Inaya medical colleges emanating from the development plan in the Kingdom. It is our mission to retain the very best Faculty members and to foster their development as a collaborative team. We maintain our focus on providing high-quality education for tomorrows nuclear medicine technologists leaders and advancing research in Nuclear medicine..
Our program provides the students with the sufficient required knowledge in nuclear medicine specialty starting from the basic sciences of nuclear medicine moving to the practical and clinical applications of different nuclear medicine procedures. In each of these areas, we strive for excellence and provide state-of-the-art comprehensive tools and laboratories in the college and in the high caliber training sites outside the college.
Research is an integral part of what we do and is an area of emphasis in our department through providing the students with the opportunity to study the research methods and basics moving to submitting a research project at the final graduation level. We conduct our efforts in an environment of excellence and a culture of collegiality that fulfills the student’s expectations and achieves their aspirations, as well as establishes further learning and critical thinking so as to cope with Inaya Medical colleges mission. I am very proud of the Department of Nuclear Medicine Technology at Inaya Medical Colleges and I encourage you to visit our department and also take a careful look at our Departmental Website on the college website.