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Hospital Radiologists work to diagnose and treat patients using radiologic imaging. They explain procedures to patients, prepare and position patients for tests and perform those tests while following radiologic safety procedures. Hospital Radiologists also carefully monitor patients, develop film, and maintain and operate specialized equipment. The Radiologist ensuring the preparation and the work of all radiographic equipment; computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or mammography technologists.

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Full Name Title Extension Email Address
Abdelfatah Abdalla Nemer Abdelsalam, PhD lecturer in medical physics 177
Abdo Mansour, PhD Lecturer in Radiation Physics 158
Ahmed Ali Babiker Suliman Instructor in radiological Science Department 146
Ahmed Farah Ahmed Lecturer in Physics 146
Maram Mohammed Fathi Ahmed, MSc Lecturer in Radiology 281
Mohammed Ahmed MohammedSaeed Ali Lecturer in Nuclear Medicine Technology 173
Osama Ahmed Abdalla Lecturer in Radiology Science Department 176
Rufida Elbushra , MSc Lecturer in Radiological Sciences 249
Sara Nasir, MSc lecturer in nuclear medicins 273